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About HELP
Human Empowerment and Leadership Programs (HELP) is an organization dedicated to the research, design and installation of staff safety management training programs for compassionate verbal and physical intervention techniques.
In 1996, under the name of Crisis Assessment & Prevention Systems this organization was founded for the primary purpose of providing onsite training workshops and consulting services to facilities serving aggressive and self abusive individuals. In the spring of 2001 HELP was piloted in the state of Georgia in order to test the program in workplace environments with a diverse population of patients needing treatment and habilitation for managing aggression and self destructive behavior.

The CAPS advisory team comprised of educators, mental health and healthcare professionals participated in the development of HELP. Our programs contain some of the same non-violent physical emergency techniques contained in similar programs, but include strategies for promoting positive behavior during intense episodes of conflict that may lead to anger and violence. The foundation of HELP contains universal principles that address the mindset and attitude of both the helper and learner. HELP programs use realistic, practical techniques for managing aggression and violence. HELP emphasizes clear and respectful communication techniques for conflict resolution. Most importantly, HELP expands the idea of crisis prevention with a specific focus on maintaining a physically and emotionally safe environment. HELP is non-blaming in order to provide opportunities for breaking down some of the barriers to preventing and managing aggression in the workplace.

HELP does not overwhelm participants with information not pertaining to safety management and patient care.


Today HELP has been refined and expanded to serve a diverse population of caretakers, educators and healthcare providers. HELP may be used as a primary approach for patient care or to supplement any behavior-modification or crisis management program. Organizations seeking HELP certification have the option of standard certification workshops or instructor certification workshops. We also provide a powerful and inspiring selection of in-services for staff development and team building. We look forward to continued service and commitment to providing the best possible Safety Management™ training available.