HELP Instructor Trainer


Crisis Assessment and Prevention Systems has a unique career opportunity for qualified candidates to become an Instructor Trainer. We are interested in working with individuals who are interested in long-term career growth and have the strategic ability to plan for their professional futures. You will be providing instruction and safety management skills utilizing the best prevention and safety management skills available.


*Excellent ability to present information in a clear and interesting manner.

*Places primary importance on delivering superior customer service.

*Has built a reputation based on integrity and a loyal work ethic.

*Maintains company values and demands high standards from trainees.

*Exudes self-confidence and inspires confidence in others.

*Experience in public speaking, acting, training, sales or other public interactive careers.



A degree or certification in kinesiology, personal training, communication, education, or counseling is preferred. 3-5 years of verifiable training or public speaking experience may be substituted for education requirements.

Experienced trainers and coaches with excellent people skills are encouraged to apply.


*Obtain HELP instructor certification. (Free Training)

*Deliver crisis training through presentations and group activities.

*Maintain client certification records.

*Travel to workshops in the Southeast.


You must be a physically fit non-smoker with positive energy. Have the ability to present information in an interesting and clear manner. Trainers will provide physical activities for staff development. Relevant previous experiences may include healthcare provider, residential treatment counselor, public speaker, athletic/personal trainer, and lifeguard or

self-defense coach.


Interested candidates please contact us or e-mail your resume to: / 615-917-9885 for further information.


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